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Make sure you remove all traces of dirt or polish

Please give a warm welcome to this wee s authoress, Miss Annie Player! Annie Player is a multi-tasking work-aholic with her fingers all the pies a creative could ever ask for.Events, festivals, art galleries, audio and of course writing. Annie is a regular performer at the Filthy Mouths &Evil Tongues events here at Sh!;evenings of erotica, erotic poetry and sexy games for our fun-loving guests.We love having Miss Player perform her poems ~ she owns the floor, sashaying around, flirting with her audience, leaving us breathless and wanting moreā€¦ Anni s contribution to Filthy Friday is a poem called Pussy Pleasure (no real introduction needed here because it does exactly what it says on the tin!) Enjoy! Pussy Pleasure Hold my sweet pussyWith your mouthAnd start looselyTo waiver your tongueEncirclingAnd cruising Softly Barel.

if left in contact with it for a small amount of time.Use lukewarm water and a soap or shampoo which does not contain any oils or petroleum.Baby shampoos are often ideal, but always check the labels! Gently lather the latex garment inside and out to remove all traces of dirt, sweat, dressing aid and shiner.Rinse thoroughly.nce the garment is clean, you should transfer it onto a clean, white towel.Gently pat the garment inside and out until it is completely dry.You should then dust the inside of the garment with a talc to soak up any excess moisture, taking care to get it around any fasteners or seams to keep them nice and dry.Shake off any excess.irst, you need to wash your latex with a sex toy cleaner like the my blog Fresh Toy Cleaner (4.9).

Make sure you remove all traces of dirt or polish2012.jpg
.Silicone shiner can be particularly stubborn, so you might want to use a little bit of soap to remove it.Check the ingredients of your soap to make sure that there is no alcohol and no petroleum or other oils in it as these can both weaken latex.nce you’e got all any dirt and shiner off your rubber, make sure you rinse it thoroughly with clean water.You then need to dry.

choking and forced gagging for both bio and strap-on penises.Live demo (on dildo) included.any of these techniques are included in?My Erotic Adventure, her choose-your-own styled erotic novel.Get empowered to give and receive extraordinary head!Limited space available sign up online!.


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