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Visitor Publish: Exactly how Labiaplasty offered me personally back again my entire life

A female body confidence story

Back when I was a teenager I often wondered just what was normal for down there.On one occasion, my girlfriends and I were messing around during the usual teen explorations and adventures in self discovery.One of them exclaimed, what the hell is THAT hanging out of your vagina.which is where my issues started.

What WAS that?

An experience like this affected my sexual confidence and sex life before it had even had the chance to begin.Boys came and went, but never did I allow a man to look down there.

Any intimate activities would be completely controlled by me; I would guide their hand or penis in a way to stop them touching that THING and them running for the hills.


However, things got serious when I met my wonderful fiancé Bill in 2010.I was still so shy during intimate moments that he only ever saw it once.Thats when we took a shower together.He never said anything but I was convinced he was horrified.

Then in 2012 I fell pregnant with my little girl.Pregnancy just made it 100% worse.Everything swelled up and my fiancé even asked me on one occasion if my lips had grown in size.I .

k-coated nose, or a bottle of Sriracha? No, it would not, and it would be that sexy-dude calendar's (and your) loss.uffington Post asks that you consider donating $11 to your chosen participating charity.

Totally worth it.Do it here.

So, which month is YOUR favorite?


of me, enjoying the shallow vaginal play and the arousing stimulation it concentrated on my inner vaginal walls. For a moment I was lost in the pleasure and then continued my pursuit of pleasure pressing the Lotus gently inside me feeling my vagina accommodating the thick turgid shaft.

I could feel the shaft stretching me, filling me with its girth coupled with the weight of the glass ensuring I felt full and fulfilled. And as the final centimetres disappeared inside me I felt the tip of the dildo engage with my g-spot. This dildo was the perfect shape and size to target my pleasure zone effortlessly.

It was obviously making contact with my g-spot because I sensed the uncontrollable desire to pee, although you don’t it just feels that way. But you can be assured you have located your g-spot if that happens.

I pushed back against the handle and started to move it around in a circular motion. The motion making me all tingly and aroused once more. I then added a few in and out’s, returning to circular movements again and repeated the sequence until my pending orgasm had me in its grasp. My toes turned upwards, my back arched and hips tilted back as I felt the flush of my climax take hold.

The Pyrex Lotus Dildo is the perfect dildo and green companion for me and I’m sure you would enjoy it too. It would suit intermediate to pro users (like me) because it is quite intense but newbies shouldn’t be put off adding it to their collection for future investigation. The most fun you can have without batteries.


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