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Lubricant upward and provide him or her the actual hands work associated with their existence

What's better than a series of free erotic stories?A series of free erotic video stories as read by the my blog Jack-Off-Anory Team - that's what!Join Andy, Joy and Rich as they read an extract of.

making jewellery out of woolly mammoth ivory and animal teeth. Its debated as to whether the carvings and drawings are actually female genitalia but theres a chance it is.

So, its time to honor the feminine. Lads, you like the shape and feel of female genitalia, dont you? Why not try out realistic and vibrating vaginas? These sex toys will bring you closer to your personal goddess. The Perfect Lover Vibrating Pussy resembles those cave carvings. Its round, fits in the palm of your hand, and has a very realistic opening. The love canal is tight and r.

on me and with the hole in the endmade ejaculation clean. Turn inside out to clean and let dry and do ALL OVER AGAIN! I wish I could give it more stars! A MUST BUY!!!

U437 – Jumpin’ Gyrator Vibrator
Omg is the only thing I can say. My wife loved it, had to stop using it on her. The bed was so wet we had to put down another blanket to sleep on it.

U038 – A&E Clit Sensitizer Gel
I purchased this for my wife after trying a free sample. It has been difficult for her to achieve an orgasm because of a medication that she is taking. Well, this works great and it has been perfect to get her over the edge. Now she is having multiple orgasms. Things a back to normal. It would be a plus if this product was available in gallon sizes


The actual Overview of Aphrodisiacs as well as Sex drive Boosters -- through the SexToysBrand Clients!

Condoms are fantastic, especially for those passionate and impromptu sessions that take place at the drop of a hat!But condoms that pinch the skin, split and generally feel uncomfortable aren't so good.If you find using buy sex toys and condoms problematic, it may be due to the fact that you haven't found the right size for you.Large and extra large condoms have been around for a while, but supermarket chain Tesco has just started branching into this area of retail due to 'overwhelm.


Led out the last time he didnt come, accusing him of everything from having an affair to the love is fading.

1. He isnt attracted to his partner.

2. He has difficulty coming.

3. Performance anxiety.

Now you know why some men fake the Big O, how do they use it? They use sex aids. Some pretend to come into a tissue and rush to the loo to clean up. The most common way is to use Durex, Skins, and Condomi condoms and dispose of the evidence in the trash. If you ant to try the condom method, you cant do much better than Durex condoms. Buy .

covers are removable and washable (thank goodness) but are also stain-resistant. They stack together, but they can come apart and be used separately if you prefer. The velour material has a slight grip to it, so you’re not sliding your cotton sheets while you’re on top of it. But the most important part – it puts my body in a position that gives me (and him) intense orgasms that we were not able to achieve before due to the restrictions of our own bodies.

The Liberator Ramp and Wedge Combo is an investment piece. Don’t get me wrong, we are aware of that. But if you are looking for a long term, high quality way to enhance your sex life without getting sex swings that need hardware and a crash mat then we think this is the best option out there.


Help along with Probably the most Ground-breaking Romantic relationship as well as Intercourse Studies Actually!

Welcome to the first of the new my blog Community Best-Five-Reviews-Of-The-Week round-up. Before we applaud the word smithery, let's first stand back and raise a salute...76. SEVENTY SIX. In a single day. Yes, you can pat yourselves on the back and adult sex toys(with whatever comes to hand - whoa there Mistress Cara!) because on Thursday August 20 the my blog community committed 76 reviews to website.You're currently writing well over 200 reviews every week, providing the ultimate buying advice for folk across the planet.Highlights then...

Well there are too many to mention, so here's five of the best reviews from the last week-and-a-bit.Mistress Cara's review of the Penthouse Lingerie Cherry BasqueMistress Cara pen-and-inked her debut review on August 20 and proceeded to scribble 20 (TWENTY!) more in the next five days. What a performer... She delivers Dom to the nation, not forgetting the 'i', of course.Discover why Student20 loves the TENGA Flip HoleDeep breath... for here comes the finest, most in-depth dissertation on the relative merits of the TENGA Flip Hole and the good ol' Fleshlight. Student20 doesn't do things by half. You might want to make a nice cup of tea before you settle down for this one.fumbling and stumbling files his report on the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet VibratorHere's the debut review from the beautifully monikered fumbling and stumbling who enjoy sex life, after searching high and low for the toy that could finally make his wife orgasm for the first time, discovered a little silver bullet. But did the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator fulfill the requirements of Mrs Stumbling?Elle-Scotland gets giddy with the Mantric Sysil Edge Adjustable Vibrating Silicone Double Dildo"Pop it in,.

the favour men bestowed upon women for Valentines Day. Its exactly one month after the day of hearts and flowers, which placed it on March 14.

Which is also my birthday.

Women raised their eyebrows at this and set up their own day on April 14 called Cake And Cunnilingus Day, but thats for another post.

Anyway, ladies, treat your man well tonight. Cook him a nice, bloody porterhouse and then give him the blow job to end all blow jobs. To make the event even more enjoyable, use flavoured sexual lubricants. ID Juicy Lube has many tasty flavour.

o start.

Sybian Love DVD – Never heard of the Sybian before? Think of it as the mechanical bull of sex toys. You love watching people try it out, and secretly want to give it a try yourself. Once you hop on, you better hold tight or you’ll be quick to lose control! In this sybian porn redhead beauty Shannon Kelly takes control of the toy while Aveena Lee has her turn.

School of Black Cock DVD – If interracial gangbangs involving red heads is your idea of the perfect porn movie, then School of Black Cock needs to be on your shopping list this weekend. Redhead Indigo mounts the teacher’s desk and takes on more than enough dick for any lady to handle! You’ll hit all the sweet spots with this co-ed themed interracial porn collection.


you can even learn to put the condom on using your mouth!

Rubber Up!The Sh! Girlz Guide to Safer Sex?We are always being told to rubber up before jumping in the sack, but many people are still in the dark about the different forms of protection there are available, and if they are actually at risk.?At Sh!, we know that safer sex is hotter sex, and we stock a huge range of condoms, dams and gloves to keep you ‘covere .Condoms?

Protect yourself against the majority of sexually transmitted infections (STI) by using a fresh new condom and lots of water-based lube every time you have penetrative sex (both vaginal and anal).Thicker condoms, such as Pasante Extra condoms are great for anal play as they are thicker than your average condom.Always use a new condom when moving from ass to vagina.Flavoured condoms are a tasty treat for oral pleasures ~ you can even learn to put the condom on using your mouth!Mixed Flavours??

Heat up his member with stimulating condoms such as Pasant s Warming and Cooling designs.These specially ribbed condoms are coated in warming or cooling lubricants to enhance sensation.Always use condoms if you are sharing toys.?Dams?A dam is a square of latex used for oral play, or anilingus (oral-anal play), and can also be flavoured.We a.

on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Halloween Costume.o watch videos, you need Version 9 or greater of the Flash Player.lick here to see which Flash Version you have.f you have Version 8 or less, get the latest Flash Player here.ou also nee.

quid Swirl Pink Lemonade Flavoured Lube 125mlSliquid Oceanics Natural Lube 125ml11.9Clean and simple water-based lubricant infused with natural extracts from the sea.Latex, rubber, plastic and vegan friendly with no parabens, glycerines or other nasties.Just pure, slick and sensual lubrication for you, your partner and your sex toys.ind out more: Sliquid Oceanics Natural Lube 125mlFeatured in this blog post:LubeSliquidSliquid Oceanics Natural Lube 125mlSliquid Swirl Pink Lemonade Flavoured Lube 125ml.

Make a commitment to do whatever is necessary to enhance this aspect of your life

Ten steps to stronger orgasms, from Mikaya Heart, author of The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women.he words below are just some suggestions to help you get to know yourself.There is no normal when it comes to sexual arousal vibrators, and perhaps none of this works for you.That does not mean there is something wrong – you are just different.

If you specifically want to have better orgasms with a partner, you probably need to learn how to remain more centered and focused in yourself when your partner is present.It is often useful to talk openly with other women about their sexual experiences..

Make a commitment to do whatever is necessary to enhance this aspect of your life.You will need to invest time and possibly money;and other things, such as your friendships and relationships may change along the way..Develop a daily awareness of how energy is flowing, or not, in your body, and establish a habit of practicing kegels several times a day for a minute or so.You need to learn to love the experience of being in a body..Schedule at least 15 minutes every day to be with yourself, increasing this amount of time as you feel the energy building, up to an hour or more.You need to be in a space where you .

raExciter Mobile Phone Vibrator that gives you pleasure with every text message and a my blog Powerful Pocket Vibrator which boasts some of the most powerful vibrations around.acked full of sensational goodies, a BASIC Sex Toys Starter Sex B.

the day for me,"said Bendell."nn is a great proponent of women getting ahead by their own merits so I would have hoped that she would have recognised my acheivements.quot;nn eventually agreed to have a photo taken with Emily, off-stage, and without the award.iew my blog's collection of BlueBellalingerie and BlueBella sexy costumes. Cilck here to get more sex toys.

Sh! Womens Erotic Emporium and Davryan Laboratories, Inc.have collaborated to bring Probe Personal Lubricants to the European Community.In addition to offering Probe personal lubricants in its line-up of quality erotic products for individual customers love, Sh! now offers Probe direct to wholesale companies in the EC.Laboratory tested to mimic the bodys own lubrication, Probe lubricant is a firm favourite amongst customers and staff alike for its natural texture and odourless, tasteless, non-irritating formula.

Robe lubricant is the most natural lubricant on the market;safe for vaginal, anal and sex toy play.I s also safe for oral use, as its harmless if swallowed.robe is a water-based, PH-neutral blend of simple ingredients &citrus preservative.It is particularly recommended to women prone to thrush or those who are sensitive to other lubricants.athryn Hoyle MD comments.“Probe lubricant is one of our top 25 best-selling products.Since we first started importing it directly from Davryan 15 years ago, it has been consistently a very popular product that is often requested by name.?We have grown into being the EE s largest importer of Probe, so i s a natural step to offer it.

Wand I’e been using to try and shock my real-feel fittie to life is much more useful as a tool for sensory play.As sad as I am to discover that the Neon Wand has no life-giving capabilities, it is an awesome sex toy with lots of other things going for it..irst off, Neon Wand is a modern sibling of the antique violet wands.This in itself is many shades of awesome as it doesn’ require refurbishing and it’ much less expensive than an antique sex toy.Neon Wand also has lots to offer the sexual adventurer looking for new thrills PicoBong TANO .It looks and sounds exciting with a vivid purple or blue glow (depending on which kit you buy) lighting the .

pumping my penis in and out, in long strokes, the full length of my penis, each time I could fill the Fleshlight getting tighter until I exploded with sheer delight, what a great orgasm I had.Can't wait until I can have sex with my new toy again.quot;ead the full review by RogerJohn.ENGA Black Flip Hole" have wanted to try one of these for a long time, I have a stable of Fleshlights so I could not justify another toy for a while..

I have used the TENGA a few times now and I have found that running hot water across the opened up unit and also warming up the lube really does bring out the best in this amazing device.Also using very little lube works really well as it keeps slippery for a long time.A few points to note: over the Fleshlight it is louder so no stealth sessions and sometimes it can be a bit difficult to reassemble if you have lube on your hands.Highly recommended sex toys for men.quot;Read the full review by Blackfinger.eatured in this blog post:Fleshlight Sex in a CanFun Factory Male ToysProstate MassagersSex Toys for MenSex Toy ReviewsTENGA Black Flip Hole.

used mid passion to whisper sweetly in your ear

A woma s stomach contains and protects a number of important internal organs, and for many women touching of the stomach is very intimate, more so than touching of the breasts for example.Women often hold a lot of tension in their stomachs, and great way to help alleviate this is with kisses, caresses, massages and deep, throbbing vibrations from her trusted vibrator…waterproof jessica rabbit vibratorThe Sh! Girlz will help you help her release the powerful energy that is stored within the erogenous zone of your lad s belly:Erogenous zones are areas of the human body rich in nerve endings that can transfer far more sensation when stimulated than the rest of the body.The skin is our largest sexual organ, packed full of nerve endings attached to one another in intricate ways, so spending time on the sexy erogenous zone that is her belly makes a lot of sense!Her bel.

used mid passion to whisper sweetly in your ear;“ want to slather you with bacon and eat it off of you?”ven if you’e not vegetarian or vegan this request is likely to stop you dead in your tracks.There can’ be that many people who share such a niche erotic desire to be smeared with bacon..can there?If that’ so, why in the name of all that is sexy does J&’ Baconlube exist?This sizzling solution is a water-based lubricant that’ ideal for splashing all o.

le you run around the corner to She Bop to do your shopping.SVPs are not required but are appreciated.RSVP on Facebook here!Happy holidays from?Ruby Jewel and She Bop!Ruby Jewel is located at?3713 N.Mississippi Ave (map)She Bop is located at 909 N.Beech St.(map).

Make sure you remove all traces of dirt or polish

Please give a warm welcome to this wee s authoress, Miss Annie Player! Annie Player is a multi-tasking work-aholic with her fingers all the pies a creative could ever ask for.Events, festivals, art galleries, audio and of course writing. Annie is a regular performer at the Filthy Mouths &Evil Tongues events here at Sh!;evenings of erotica, erotic poetry and sexy games for our fun-loving guests.We love having Miss Player perform her poems ~ she owns the floor, sashaying around, flirting with her audience, leaving us breathless and wanting more… Anni s contribution to Filthy Friday is a poem called Pussy Pleasure (no real introduction needed here because it does exactly what it says on the tin!) Enjoy! Pussy Pleasure Hold my sweet pussyWith your mouthAnd start looselyTo waiver your tongueEncirclingAnd cruising Softly Barel.

if left in contact with it for a small amount of time.Use lukewarm water and a soap or shampoo which does not contain any oils or petroleum.Baby shampoos are often ideal, but always check the labels! Gently lather the latex garment inside and out to remove all traces of dirt, sweat, dressing aid and shiner.Rinse thoroughly.nce the garment is clean, you should transfer it onto a clean, white towel.Gently pat the garment inside and out until it is completely dry.You should then dust the inside of the garment with a talc to soak up any excess moisture, taking care to get it around any fasteners or seams to keep them nice and dry.Shake off any excess.irst, you need to wash your latex with a sex toy cleaner like the my blog Fresh Toy Cleaner (4.9).

Make sure you remove all traces of dirt or polish2012.jpg
.Silicone shiner can be particularly stubborn, so you might want to use a little bit of soap to remove it.Check the ingredients of your soap to make sure that there is no alcohol and no petroleum or other oils in it as these can both weaken latex.nce you’e got all any dirt and shiner off your rubber, make sure you rinse it thoroughly with clean water.You then need to dry.

choking and forced gagging for both bio and strap-on penises.Live demo (on dildo) included.any of these techniques are included in?My Erotic Adventure, her choose-your-own styled erotic novel.Get empowered to give and receive extraordinary head!Limited space available sign up online!.

She has been presenting and teaching workshops on sexuality

This past April has been Sh!s birthday month, and to celebrate weve got a very special offer for all our lovely customers. Were offering 18% off on all our best-selling and best-loved goodies only until Monday! G-Twist - 39.9 now 32.9 The G-Twist, a Fun Factory favourite with a semi-realistic body in sensuous silicone. Its got a range of seven speeds and three pulse settings plus the extra-sexy boost button, which allows you to boost the vibe up to maximum speed! Two-Strap Harness - 39.9 now 32.9 The two-strap harness is an elegant leather strap-on harness, handmade by the Sh! pixies in our very ow.

year, I was chuffed to have the opportunity to help solve an issue that’ niggled me since I first popped a blindfold over someone’ eyes - the fact you can usually peek out under the nose bridge.idden inside the my blog Tease Me Blindfold'snose bridge is a special flexible stem which allows the nose bridge to be bent into any shape, allowing you to pinch it tightly around the nose for complete blackout.his blindfolddoes away withanylight coming in under.

tish.Sexuality has been a life-long interest, with a focus on embracing our entire sexual selves, growing as erotic beings, and creating community.She has been presenting and teaching workshops on sexuality, polyamory, and BDSM in the Portland area and around the west coast since 2006.You can learn more at her website.his class has already taken place.Thanks for attending!.

Allowing you to bind wrists, ankles and other body parts together effortlessly

HOW TO CHOOSE USE A CLITORAL VIBRATORThe Climax Bunny Clit VibratorThe size and shape of a clitoral vibrator is less important than the sensations it delivers.ts worth thinking about how much clitoral stimulation you need to become aroused or to orgasm.For Intense Clitoral Stimulation We recommend a high intensity clitoral vibrator like the Ultra Vector Egg Vibrator or the EZ Pleaser Vibrator.These vibrators are great for helping women achieve clitoral orgasm.For Super-Sensitive ClitsMany women swear by the clit-pleasing bunny ears of Jessica Rabbit Vibrator as they stroke the clitoral-sides rather.

try..Dildos Dildos can be used both anally and vaginally and can form a part of training for bigger toys and body parts or be enjoyed in all of their simplicity.For her, try double penetration to really push her buttons.For him, sensual anal stimulation can induce an explosive prostate orgasm he’l never forget..Bondage with Rope Rope bondage offers a classic visual and a tight hold, so it’ easy to see the appeal.Beginners can find getting the knots done up (and undone) tricky and may have worries about tying the ropes too tight or in the wrong place.For those unsure about rope bondage, try the Japanese Silk Bondage Rope Ankle Cuffs for size.The Tracey Cox Supersex Beginner’ Bondage Tape includes two 60ft rolls and a sexy guide to bondage to give you a few ideas for play..Hands Bound in Front Binding your lover’ wrists together in front of their body allows for better balance than tying them behind the back, allowing your partner to get into better positions and support themselves with ease.The Tease Me Bow Restraint is incredibly easy to tie, soft on the wrists and looks pretty, making it ideal for bedroom bondage beginners.Once you have your partner’ hands tied, you can indulge them with some sexy play or have them perform for you, decisions decisions!.

ex-positive people in achieving juicy, successful, fulfilling relationships, and being effective in every area of their lives.Testimonials, videos, blog and newsletter available at &Skype based services at 540-623-9524 and call She Bop to reserve your spot(online class registration will be available soon!).

They have an adjustable fit with no knots required.If you want to go whole hog (tie) try some Bondage Boutique Bondage Rope alongside the comprehensive guidance of Jay Wiseman in his Erotic Bondage Handbook..Bondage with TapeIf ropes aren’ really your thing or you’e just starting out with bondage, bondage tape is a great alternative to more complicated restraints.Bondage tape is self adhesive, allowing you to bind wrists, ankles and other body parts together effortlessly - just bind and trim the tape.

There really is something for everyone

The Yea s Hottest Bedside Reading!?Best Wome s Erotica 2012?American author, editor and sex educator Violet Blue must have the best job ever – she gets to spend time reading and choosing the hottest, most explicit stories for all our pleasure! The Sh! Girlz are Well Jel!?This year, Blue has edited an amazing collection of 18 hot stories, each one differing from the next.Stealth orgasms, human dollies and voyeurism: just a few of the topics on offer.There really is something for everyone – we wo t be surprised if the reader devours every single story with a hefty appetite.!?Reading sexy stories ca.

, for 10 community members - and all for our 10th birthday (phew!).o enter, all you need to do is either comment on this post, or pop over to this thread in the my blog Forum and write about your first experience with my blog.It can be about what y.

brator;G-spot toys and stimulation techniques;squirting orgasms;how to have an orgasm during vaginal intercourse;and anal sex and orgasmic possibilities.Plus, an extensive Q& where youre encouraged to ask Tristan anything!This workshop is open to all genders and sexual appetites.or more on Tristan, read her bio? call She Bop to reserve your spot.

Its a Fun Factory Booster vibe complete with eight speeds and three settings of pulsation plus

Some of our lovely designer vibrators are in the Sh! Sale for a limited time only! Ellove PurpleThe Sh! Sale has started and there are luxury goodies on sale with 20% off theres never been a better time to a first-time toy or expand your collection!The Ellove in stylish purple is reduced from £39.9 to £31.9. Its a Fun Factory Booster vibe complete with eight speeds and three settings of pulsation plus .

49.9) are both absolutely brilliant - just plug them in at the wall and you’e ready to go.agic wand vibes work brilliantly as sex toys, but don’ forget they’e also great for using as they were originally intended - as massagers!Work on those aches and knots in your muscles, relax and then let the wand work its magic between your legs.y blog Magic Wand Vibrators ComparedTo watch videos, you need Version 9 or greater of the Flash Player.lick here to see which Flash Version you have.f you have Version 8 or less, get the latest Flash Player here.ou also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

films from being made. ..Entries can be erotica, hardcore, softcore, live-action, BDSM, animation, gay, straight, bi whatever turns your crank!To sweeten the deal, the prize packages have been bumped up from last year! The runners-up in the Humor, Kink, and Sex categories will get $500 this year, and the Best in Show grand prize is now $4,000! Winners, as always, will be determined by audience vote.o submit to HUMP!, drop off your entry at the Mercury offices by 5:00 p..this Friday, October 7th.UMP! will be taking place at Cinema 21, November 17-19.Tickets go on sale this Thursday.<