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Creating the site has allowed her to explore her own fascination with masculinity

Lady-garden closed for business? Feel pain, but no pleasure? Vaginal Health Forum at Sh! PortobelloJoin Sarah Berry (Foreplay Magazine) and the Sh! Girlz for an evening of frank, unadulterated discussions on all things Muffkin.Useful information and advice, gu.

t special thread and don't forget to download your FREE my blog ebooks today from Amazon (full details below)!If you want to see more fun and .

Umber of other nominations and awards Houstons work has received will cause you to run out of fingers and toes!In 2011, Houston released perhaps her most personally challenging project to date: Heavenly Spire, an exploration of masculine sexuality that features cis and trans* male-identified performers.For Houston, creating the site has allowed her to explore her own fascination with masculinity.For viewers, it is a different way of looking at masculinity, and with a quite artistic?flair scenes are shot in Super 8 style, with high contrast and manipulation of light.ast month, Houston launched PinkLabel.v, a video-on-demand site that includes the work of progressive, independent adult filmmakers and studios such as Annie Sprinkle, Courtney Trouble, Carlos Batts, Jennifer Lyon Bell, T-Wood Pictures, and Handbasket Productions.Keeping in step with Houstons ethical business practices, filmmakers on PinkLabel receive fair-trade commission for the digital distribution of their work.ecently, Houston was interviewed on Tristan Taorminos Sex Out Loud radio show, where they discussed the Crash Pad empire, what it means to be an ethical pornographer, the inspiration behind Heavenly Spire, and why PinkLabel is an important site for budding porn filmmakers.atch Shine Louise Houston on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and YouTube.

Using a vibrator can help you understand your body

The lovely people at Playful Promises have sent the Sh! Girlz some fancy new panties this week, and were very impressed!Flirt PantiesAre you a Cutie or a Flirt? Either way, we think youre Gorgeous! The Love Thyself range are soft siky panties that really m.

n easy concept: send us your old sex toys, and we recycle them, give you Oh! Points and make a donation to the World Land Trust on your behalf.Happy bunnies all round!If .

erful toy (like the popular Hitachi Magic Wand) can cause temporary numbness or desensitivity, but this sensation will dissipate after a short rest period.Numbness can also occur if you tend to push down on your genitals with your vibrator.This sort of numbness is akin to your hand or foot falling asleep which happens when nerve endings become fatigued and it is harmless.The blood will return to your genitals and all will be well again.f you find yourself going numb while using a vibrator, try moving the toy around and varying the amount of pressure you use.Or place a towel between yourself and the toy to dull the vibrations.You can also wean yourself off of a very powerful toy by practicing with slightly weaker ones.ill vibrator usage harm your partnered sex life?

Far from it! In fact, at least one study has shown that people who use vibrators report fewer problems with sexual function.Using a vibrator can help you understand your body10668.jpg
, which can improve the sex you have with others.Vibrators can also be a great complement to partnered sex.They can be especially helpful to the many women who have difficulty achieving orgasm during intercourse.Tristan Taorminos Expert Guide to Female Orgasms?has some great suggestions for incorporating vibrators into partnered sex.n short, vibrators are not at all harmful, neither physically nor emotionally, and they will not stop you from having the wonderful sex you want to have.<

If they are unable to, winner will pay shipping cost

Edible Vanilla LubricantThere are three hot new lubricants on the Sh! shelves today and theyre very very versatile!Edible Lubes from Touche in Mint, Vanilla and Forest Fruits flavour have many uses- They're great for oral sex, the flavours are a little t.

pplied once you're erect (especially on the ultra-sensitive head) and then left for a couple of minutes for the numbing agent to start working.ome delay sprays, including the top-rated Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray (15.9) contain anaesthetics like benzocaine or lidocaine, while others such as the best-selling China Brush Delay Solution (8.9) use natural numbing ingredients and herbal infusions to reduce over-sensitivity.We always show the full list of ingredients on the product page.inding the right level of numbing is important, and remember that less is more.You can always apply more delay solution, but you can’ remove it once it has been absorbed.With any delay spray, you will need to spend some time finding out what works best for you.hich spray or cream you choose and how much to apply will be personal choices for you.For example, you may find that you prefer to use Delay Condoms for an extra level of reduced sensation.e’e all different, and what works for you might be too m.

t 17 years.It supports, enriches, and empowers communities through educational and cultural events, art and literature.bout the prize packagesOur general big ol raffle?includes many different prize packages:LELO Tiani + Yes lube setJe Joue Mimi + Hathor Lickeurs lube set + Women in Lust erotica bookJimmyjane Iconic kit (Rabbit + Smoothie + Cock Ring + Pocket Rocket)Standard Glass dildo + Appetite toy bagFun Factory Ellove + Fun Factory Cuffies + Sliquid lubeJe Joue Ami + Luxotiq Finger Vibe + GladRags pantyliner 3 packJe Joue Ami + Luxotiq Finger Vibe + Good Clean Love Love that Works KitFun Factory Baby Bug Minivibe + Fun Factory Cuffies + Appetite toy bagSimply Blown Twist + Appetite toy bag1-year Bust subscription + Gothfox pasties + Jet Black Clone-a-Willy1-year Bitch subscription+ Erika Lust DVD + Chocolate Clone-a-Pussyand more!While our specific prize packages allow you to enter for the exact package that catches your eye:Butt Kit?(includes Happy Valley and Vixen Creations plugs)Spareparts Hardwear Joque harness + MistressSpareparts Hardwear Theo harness + MustangSpareparts Hardwear Deuce harness + TexAslan Leather Pink Candy Jaguar harness + HarmonyHappy Valley Tango + Blossom Organics lubeVixen Creations Randy + Sliquid lubeWinners will be chosen on Sunday, December 4th.Winners can pick up their prizes at the shop.If they are unable to, winner will pay shipping cost.Shipping costs will vary depending on location but will not exceed $10 for USPS Priority.<

Some of my extended family has started asking me questions about toys

Lube and delay spray from Dr Love is available from Sh! now!Dr Love Silicone LubeWinner of the 2009 Erotixxx Award for best lube, Dr Love silicone lube is a long-lasting lube, ideal for extended sessions and anal play. Taste and scent-free, Dr Love lube .

to spend as they wish, or perhaps save up to spend on a luxury sex toy.Read on to find out who the runners up were..unners UpSuzi's review of 10 Function Super Slim Remote Control Bullet Vibrator" suppose these are downsides you have to accept in a remote toy with internal batteries.Hopefully one day they will come up with new battery technology that will revolutionise transport and the sex toy industry!"risangela's review of Lelo Luna Duo Pleasure Beads"elo impresses again by releasing a modified version of its original Luna Beads: Luna Beads Noir.So..Luna original, Luna Mini, or Luna Noir?"ellaB93's review of my blog Slimline Oh! Rabbit Vibrator" ummed and ahhed for months about buying this vibrator - I'm a normal .

mployers and help people on a daily basis.My dad, who is a huge fan of Rush Limbaugh by the way, hasnt actually talked to me since I told him what I do but at least the rest of my family thinks it is great, so Im not too concerned!Alyssa?(blog writer) said:Whenever I tell people where I work, I urge them to visit the shop themselves.I think people picture something much different than what She Bop is, and I know the stylish, boutique-like atmosphere is sure to win them over.y mom loves reading the articles I write for She Bops blog, and she thinks the shop itself is wonderful as well.Ive educated her about?phthalates?and the importance of body-safe toys, so?I was quite proud when she told me recently that she had thrown away one of her old toys that was beginning to melt.Some of my extended family has started asking me questions about toys, which I am all too happy to answer! If anyone has a problem with what I do, they dont say anything.y dads a pretty quiet guy so he doesnt say much, but he did tell me that he likes having an exciting story to tell people about what his kids do for a living.My brother works at a medical marijuana dispensary, so were quite the pair!As the years go by and more feminist sex toy shops like those in the Progressive Pleasure Club?pop up, hopefully well see a change in how people perceive sex toys, sex toy shops, and people like us who run such shops.No harsh lights and icky jelly dildos here;just a comfortable, fun place to buy some great body-safe sex toys.