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Most recent adult toy information: vibrators assist your own performing tone of voice

Good vibrations from sex toys can lead to the X-Factor.Not just in bed but as the future rock star, opera diva or singing sensation.Really, though? Well thats what David Leys research has found.A professor in the drama department at the University of Alberta, David Ley says he has been getting good results by using vibrators and sex toys to massage the throats of dildos actors and singers before performances.


“I know it’s a bit different … I know there’s a giggle factor, but it works,” says David Ley.“It relaxes tension in the larynx … it improves range and projection.

Although David Ley (appropriate surname, hur-hur) doesnt claim to be a doctor or voice therapist, he has been pleasantly surprised by the effects that a vibrator can have on the throat, larynx and voice.

He does follow his findings up with a bit of self preservation:

“My first advice for a person (with voice or throat issues) would be to go to a doctor,” he says.“What I’m trying to do is to help the person hit that high note or harness their emotional energy.

Last Autumn David Ley coached actors at the Stratford Festival with not only the usual (and comparatively .

they already planned to do even before Patti had suggested it).After, the two went to a nearby barspecifically, one that they knew would be full of singles, not couplesand it was as packed as any Saturday night.Long story short: Vanessa left late that night after meeting not one, but.

being licked but she didn’t have this buzzing between her legs. Because of the flexibility of the petal’s tip I was able to place it directly over my clit and it felt good.Next I gave one press on the rotating shaft button.I could feel a mild stirring inside me, rubbing gently against my g-spot.

Wanting more I pressed the rotating shaft sex dolls button, once, twice and fuck that felt as good as the real thing.The massaging head was seducing me as it worked its magic on my g-spot.For added sensation I used my pelvic muscles to grip it tight and pull it closer to me.And unlike other vibes it had the power to continue to work whilst in a head lock inside me. I was almost there, orgasm slowly building.


Blonde was being fucked now.Where did that butt plug come from?

It just needed a little something else to take me over the edge.I took hold of the base and began to twist the vibe back and forth between 10 and 12 o’clock.That was it! I stretched my toes downward, pushed against the mattress, held my breath, tilted my pelvis…

…and came.

I was now hot and sticky everywhere but wearing a smile.

This vibrator is a good one for both seasoned users and new alike.The shaft is slim and not at all demanding with just enough contouring to make you aware or its presence but its secret weapon can be enjoyed by all.That rotating head is very, very … mmmmm!

If I could make sexy guys one suggestion to the designers it would be to make the controls easier to feel when “in use”, perhaps slightly raised buttons would help.

Visitor Publish: Exactly how Labiaplasty offered me personally back again my entire life

A female body confidence story

Back when I was a teenager I often wondered just what was normal for down there.On one occasion, my girlfriends and I were messing around during the usual teen explorations and adventures in self discovery.One of them exclaimed, what the hell is THAT hanging out of your vagina.which is where my issues started.

What WAS that?

An experience like this affected my sexual confidence and sex life before it had even had the chance to begin.Boys came and went, but never did I allow a man to look down there.

Any intimate activities would be completely controlled by me; I would guide their hand or penis in a way to stop them touching that THING and them running for the hills.


However, things got serious when I met my wonderful fiancé Bill in 2010.I was still so shy during intimate moments that he only ever saw it once.Thats when we took a shower together.He never said anything but I was convinced he was horrified.

Then in 2012 I fell pregnant with my little girl.Pregnancy just made it 100% worse.Everything swelled up and my fiancé even asked me on one occasion if my lips had grown in size.I .

k-coated nose, or a bottle of Sriracha? No, it would not, and it would be that sexy-dude calendar's (and your) loss.uffington Post asks that you consider donating $11 to your chosen participating charity.

Totally worth it.Do it here.

So, which month is YOUR favorite?


of me, enjoying the shallow vaginal play and the arousing stimulation it concentrated on my inner vaginal walls. For a moment I was lost in the pleasure and then continued my pursuit of pleasure pressing the Lotus gently inside me feeling my vagina accommodating the thick turgid shaft.

I could feel the shaft stretching me, filling me with its girth coupled with the weight of the glass ensuring I felt full and fulfilled. And as the final centimetres disappeared inside me I felt the tip of the dildo engage with my g-spot. This dildo was the perfect shape and size to target my pleasure zone effortlessly.

It was obviously making contact with my g-spot because I sensed the uncontrollable desire to pee, although you don’t it just feels that way. But you can be assured you have located your g-spot if that happens.

I pushed back against the handle and started to move it around in a circular motion. The motion making me all tingly and aroused once more. I then added a few in and out’s, returning to circular movements again and repeated the sequence until my pending orgasm had me in its grasp. My toes turned upwards, my back arched and hips tilted back as I felt the flush of my climax take hold.

The Pyrex Lotus Dildo is the perfect dildo and green companion for me and I’m sure you would enjoy it too. It would suit intermediate to pro users (like me) because it is quite intense but newbies shouldn’t be put off adding it to their collection for future investigation. The most fun you can have without batteries.

Existence in the Manor revise

Having a lovely weekend.Visitors came over last night and a lovely feast of a meal was prepared then served to us in the dining hall, it was gorgeous.They brought sloe gin! Mmm.

In other news, the dogs Bernie and Jet seem to be coming along well in their training.They were entirely out of control a few months ago but since Ellie has been at home and socialising them and giving them firm discipline, theyve been lovely to have around.Bernie is still better, Jet isnt as calm but then he is a bouncy big black lab pup!

The kittens from Hemlock are coming along well and will soon be ready to go to their new homes that have been arranged for them.5 mewy gorgeous cyute kittens! All black just like mummy, one with streaks of grey.Really very pretty.

The other cats are out and about 99% of the time, we see them when they come back for their dry food put out a couple of times a day and we know their diet is supplemented by them now hunting discount adult toys in the wild, beautiful Herts countryside around the Manor.More precisely, in the far reaches of our land, Im sure they dont have to look that far! It is great to see them lively, bright eyed and healt.


ense.veryone? All I have to say about this is a major YIKES.

Just bein' Miley sounds pretty painful right about now.

Do you think there's any way their relationship could overcome this supposed intervention? Could you ever marry someone your family didn't want you to? .

e DVD again, things had moved on and the brunette was now fucking the blonde with a strap-on.Perfect timing. I retrieved the vibe, twisted the base and placed it over my hungry clit

The vibrations were as promised powerful and I lay for a moment savouring each one as it danced on my clit. She doesn’t mess about and knows how to work a strap-on. Hmmm. I could feel my nerve endings starting to fire up as I added a circular movement which must have pulled my clitoral hood back, because it made me shiver as I passed over my tender bud.

Moments later I was in a full on orgasm, my toes started to tingle like pins and needles and I clenched my buttocks, magnifying the perfect alignment of my nerves and pleasure cortex. My skin flushed as I panted and twitched my clit so sensitive to all the hot girl attention.

Eyes closed I could smell the familiar aroma of my own juices which had coated my vibe and fingers. I had just gone super nova and was parachuting back to earth.


The Iconic Pocket to be honest had me wondering if it would do the trick when I read it was a single speed vibe but it didn’t fail me, I was pleasantly surprised. But it would be a good idea for them to consider creating a multi speed one as this could be a little too full on for a beginner.

I was also a little disappointed with the construction and the ease with which you can completely undo the battery compartment, not what you want happening when you are about to come. That said it is a very powerful pocket rocket and one not to be over looked.

Sex Dolls Mistaken For The Holy During The Rapture

I discussed the airline urban legend surrounding the Rapture in my last post. Have you heard the other urban legend, which is a fictional short story about the woman who threw herself out of her cars sunroof because she though the rapture was occurring right at that second? Its a very amusing adult sex toys that lots of people thought was real.According to the story, a twenty-car pile-up resulted after a woman jumped through her cars sunroof upon witnessing what she thought was the Rapture on the highway. She saw twelve people float up into the air and Jesus standing by the side of the road wit.

hese symptoms can cause as much pain and discomfort as movement problems and greatly affect daily routines and quality of life.


Sexual problems often affect people with Parkinson's disease. In men with Parkinson's, erectile dysfunction is common. According to the guideline, the drug sildenafil citrate may improve erectile dysfunction. The guideline also found the drug isosmotic macrogol may improve constipation in people with Parkinson's disease.

For problems with excessive daytime sleepiness, the guideline recommends that doctors consider the drug modafinil to help people feel more awake. However, it's important to note that one study showed people taking modafinil had a false sense of alertness. This may pose a safety risk for activities such as drivin>10671.jpg

Im sitting here listening to Radiohead and drinking coffee while I surf the web for interesting news. In my search, I came across a Time Magazine article listing the top ten legal drugs linked to violence, and some anti-depressants were listed. The #1 drug listed was one to help your lover quit smoking. I suppose quitting smoking alone is enough to make you violent whether or not you take meds. I was surprised that alcohol not only didnt make the list, it wasnt listed where I thought it belonged at #1. I guess that shows how powerful the alcohol lobbies are.Anyway, what struck me the most about these pills wasnt so much whether or not they inspire violence .

the factors that influenced teenage girls who became sexually active again after a period of abstinence. With this new understanding we can better help young women remain healthy and avoid unwanted pregnancy, said study first author Mary A. Ott, M.D., assistant professor of pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Diagnosis of a cheap dildos STD was associated with a reduced risk of subsequent sex for a short time. However having an STD increased risk for sexual activity in the intermediate time period and was unrelated to the decision to have sex in the long run. The study authors hypothesize that the switch may reflect either relationship turmoil after diagnosis of an STD, followed by make up sex, or may reflect adherence to Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for a period of abstinence following STD treatment, followed by resumption of previous sexual activity.


Either way, the findings suggest that counseling only about abstinence after a sexually transmitted infection is insufficient. Clinicians should anticipate resumption of sexual behavior and tailor counseling appropriately, said Dr. Ott.

The researchers also found that, in the short term, girls who characterized themselves as irritable, angry or unhappy were unlikely to return to sexual activity after a period of abstinence. That finding contradicts anecdotal information that depressed individuals are likely to engage


Sex Dolls For The German Troops

Did you know Hitler ordered sex dolls made for Nazi troops during WWII? Apparently the men were getting it on with French prostitutes and coming down with all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases.50168.jpg
The project to make these male sex toys started in 1940 after Heinrich Himmler wrote about the widespread problem, especially since disease was preventing the sick men from meeting their front line duties. So, Hitler commissioned the creation of synthetic comforters, a. k. a. sex dolls small enough to fit in each soldiers backpack. These blue eyed and blonde haired sex dolls were tested in Nazi-occupied Je.

ances that more cancer or pre-cancerous changes will occur in the cervix, vagina and vulva up to 3.8 years after a female has surgery for one of those conditions.


Huh said the findings are important because they answer a question many women and their doctors have been asking -- does an HPV vaccine help treat virus-related changes in the body after women have surgery to treat similar changes?

Based on this study, the data is compelling and suggests it does help to treat virus-related changes, Huh said. Knowing that Gardasil also may offer postoperative protection from recurrent disease will be crucial in follow-up care and overall health planning for teens and women.

The vaccine is approved to fight the four HPV strains be